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15 Rules That Make You Rich & Life Easier

These 15 Lifehacks / Lifeprotips / Rules will make your life simpler and could make you rich!

Most individuals wrestle with making selections, with how you can be extra productive and make sense of their lives. This one’s for you.

For years, we’ve used these rules to get out of bizarre conditions, to take advantage of our time and get an edge over others.

These are real-life tested and undoubtedly good to have in your portfolio of tools.

We advocate you undergo the record with us and write down those which you can apply in your life starting as we speak.

When you’ve obtained the tools you want you’re prepared to begin.

For those who don’t feel like reading the record you’ll be able to merely watch the video under:

Listed here are 15 Rules that make your life so much simpler and worthwhile.


The 100:10:three:1 Investing Rule

This first one is an Investment Rule. Most of you have an interest in real estate investing and this is in all probability probably the most well known rule between professional property buyers. When you’re going to buy any property you could know this.

The 100:10:3:1 rule goes like this:

To be able to make a sensible funding:

An investor should take a look at no less than 100 properties
to seek out 10 potential deals that may be worthwhile
From these 10 potential deals
an investor will submit aggressive however truthful gives on 3 of them
Of the 3 gives submitted, 1 might be accepted

100 10 three 1, however that one property is going to make you some huge cash. Then repeat.

Write it down and keep in mind it. For those who’re critical about real-estate investments that is the inspiration you need to construct on. Should you rush issues, you’re gonna lose money.


The You Minimize – I Decide Rule

We love this rule a lot. One among our mentors taught it after selling a 20 million dollar enterprise. He stated he makes use of it on a regular basis both in enterprise and at residence together with his youngsters.

Let’s say your child are preventing during the last piece of cake within the fridge and both of them claim it to be rightfully theirs.

Here’s how the rule works. Once individual cuts and the other will get to select which half he needs to maintain.

This superb rule provides energy to each side. It’s a type of sensible tips that maximizes the return and in addition minimizes the danger at the similar time.

One child cuts the piece of cake and the other gets to choose which aspect he needs. Because of this both parties win and the result’s often the right minimize.

This works nice in business and life. Some of you is perhaps stunned to seek out out, however this rule is definitely talked about in the bible as a device to unravel issues of this type, in the Ebook of Genesis (chapter 13) to be exact.


The 100 Hour Rule

This is a type of guidelines that ought to put readability on what you must prioritize in life. It was repopularized lately but social influencer Jay Shetty.

All of it boils right down to an enormous and simple question:

When you had 100 hours to spend money on three buckets:
What you’re good at
What you’re average at &
What you’re dangerous at

How would you cut up these hours? Take a second to do make your determination. [allow 3 seconds for the viewer to think about this issue]

Would you cut up it equally 33, 33 and 33? Perhaps a bit more on different elements?

They asked the same query probably the most profitable and sensible individuals on the earth and their reply is beyond fascinating.

They stated they might either put 80% into what their actually good at and 10 and 10 within the different two, or 100% and zero and 0.

This is really essential Aluxers. You want to take a position virtually all your efforts into what you’re exceptionally good at. Overlook the whole lot else and focus in your strengths, as a result of this focus permits you to get forward and win. Every part else will just end in you being average and lose.


The 10-10-10 rule

This is one other choice making rule that works nice. It’s regularly utilized by individuals like Warren Buffet and different billionaire buyers to determine what to do.

Principally, when stressing over something, use the 10-10-10 rule. How will I really feel about it in 10 minutes? 10 months? What about 10 years? After getting some perspective, you’ll discover how very few things end up value stressing over.

A selection may really feel good in the moment, however have damaging results over the medium or long run.

The reverse can also be obtainable. Perhaps one thing will suck within the subsequent 10 minutes and even a bit afterwards, but it’s going to pay off in the long term.

Any choice you must make run it by the rule of 10s and you’ll start making higher calls immediately.


The 5 AM Rule

What do Tim Prepare dinner, Benjamin Franklin, Howard Schultz, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Richard Branson, both The Rock & Kevin Hart have in widespread. They all get up freakishly early. All of them sleep less than 6 hours each night time, with the bulk waking up round 5 AM.

When Alux was solely a weblog within the early days, there was a time period in 2015 when the website really struggled. On account of a sudden change in google’s algorithm, we misplaced around 75% of our visitors which meant a 75% minimize on our income, while our expenses remained the identical.

Our answer every time we cope with any kind of drawback like this is to do 2 issues: Study Extra & Work Extra

To date it hasn’t failed us. In our research we found an previous piece by writer Robin Sharma who’s been waking up persistently at 5 am and swore by it. He even made a rule of the best way to optimize this to be extra productive splitting the first hour into 3, 20 minute actions.

First 20 minutes, instantly bounce away from bed and begin understanding, push-ups are a good way snap out of that sleepy state. This will get the blood dashing via the body and wakes you up.

Next 20 minutes: are about studying something new. That is where we used to return to YouTube and watch ted talks on no matter title we found fascinating that morning. The extra diversified the library of content material the higher. Again then we didn’t have ALUX as a video resource so you’ve received that going for you.

The final 20 minutes are planning. Make an inventory of the goals you could have for the day and what you’re trying to obtain.

By 6 AM you’re ready to crush it.

In our experience, we felt like we knew a secret no one else knew. We have been part of the 5AM membership of excessive achievers. We have been crushing all the things we used to do before 12. Then we took a short break and obtained again to work for an additional session. While everyone was working normal hours we have been placing in those additional hours that made all the distinction. That’s the time once we started investing in YouTube.

Since then, Robin Sharma has polished lots this idea and has even distilled it all in a brand new ebook nicely referred to as THE 5 AM CLUB. We’ll depart a hyperlink in the description. For those who’re trying to save a couple of bucks, you’ll be able to all the time go to and enroll. Once you do, you will get the audiobook version at no cost because of our partnership with the good people at Audible.


The two Minute Rule

That is probably the most straight forward rule on this listing.
The 2 minute rule goes like this:
if it only takes 2 minutes to do, simply do it.

By no means postpone or neglect actions that may be solved instantly. There’s one thing about our levels of stress that affect our productiveness once we know we’ve still received more things to do. Additionally, getting small wins provides us a sense of productiveness and momentum that solely builds up all through the day.

The 2 minute rule is the right remedy for procrastination.

For those who don’t feel like doing a process, pressure your self to do it just for 2 minutes, you then may give yourself a break if you wish to. However for two minutes actually give it your full atention. It could actually’t be that onerous to focus for two minutes right?

Studies present that getting began is actually the toughest part of the task and if you will get over that slup you’re a lot more more likely to finalize what you’ve began than truly quitting after the two minutes.

Consider it like this: let’s say you don’t need to brush your tooth. Inform your self you’re gonna brush just one tooth and if you would like you’ll be able to stop afterwards. When you get that momentum on, it kinda is sensible to keep going proper?

Use the 2 minute rule and stop being lazy.


The 80/20 Rule

That is also referred to as the Pareto Rule. When you’ve been a subscriber of our channel you need to be more than conversant in it.

For everyone else, the rule goes like this: 20% of your actions account for 80% of outcomes.

This has been some of the worthwhile things we’ve discovered in business and in life.

20% of the workers produce 80% of the outcome
20% of the purchasers create 80% of the income
20% of the bugs cause 80% of the crashes
20% of the options trigger 80% of the usage
20% of the phrases in a language make up for 80% of the conversations
And so forth…

When you’re aware of this powerful rule you will take a look at every part you’re doing in a different way. We have been first introduced to it in Tim Ferris’ E-book The four Hour Work Week and since then we’ve seen it all over.


The Left Hand Rule

That is more of a social lifehack than a business rule.

For those who’re at any type of event the place you’re consuming, all the time maintain the glass or cup in your left hand slightly than your main proper.

Let’s say you’re grabbing a beer and all of a sudden you’re introduced to someone new. What do you do, you go in to shake their hand; but your hand has been on the chilly and wet class so it’s going to feel bizarre and slimy.

Individuals won’t keep in mind your identify, however they may keep in mind how you made them really feel, and clammy palms is an enormous no-no in any setting.


The apology Rule

You’re gonna make errors in life. Everyone does & there’s a method so that you can move forward the appropriate approach. Pay shut consideration and from this present day ahead we would like you to each use this rule in your actions and anticipate the identical from everyone else.

An actual, efficient apology has three elements:
(1) Acknowledge you have been fallacious and how it affected the individual or end result;
(2) say you’re sorry;
(3) describe what you’re going to do to make it right or be certain that it doesn’t occur once more.
Don’t excuse or explain.

In case you’ve made a mistake own up to it. There’s no negotiating your self from the reality and there’s more to realize by following this rule than getting away with a mistake.

Your complete life will change as soon as you begin using it. It’s also useful with staff. As an alternative of a simple sorry, this helps both events enhance their relationship, by building belief and solving the state of affairs as an alternative of just hitting a wall of excuses.


The Golden Rule

This has been probably the most priceless piece of advice the world has ever provide you with. It’s the inspiration of just about every religion out there and is the strong basis of being an honest human being.

The golden rule is: – say it with me:

Do unto others what you’d want them do unto you

Deal with different individuals the best way you need to be handled; Love your neighbor as yourself; What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow and so forth.

In no matter variation you need to, the thought is identical. Treat others nicely and just don’t be an a-hole.

The golden rule can also be great useful resource to construct up good karma. Assist others and other people will allow you to back. Should you’re feeling stuck in life, perhaps you begin by serving to others and who knows the place it will lead you.

As a result of YouTube has been so risky just lately, we needed to provide an enormous shoutout to NordVPN who’s been a worthwhile associate to us and the group. Lots of you went to and determined to enroll utilizing the ALUX code for the unique supply of 75% off the three yr deal. In case you are on the fence about getting a vpn, this is in all probability the perfect supply on the desk right now. Thanks in case you do.

This ties nicely with our subsequent rule.


The Cash = Time Rule

You’ve in all probability heard the saying time is money extra occasions than you possibly can keep in mind. However here’s a bit trick we’ve discovered which can help you figure out if something is value buying or not. We found that it really works extremely properly for people who need to persist with a finances each month.

Right here’s how it works:
Think of money when it comes to hours.
You make $10/hour and wanna purchase that $150 coat?
Is that coat really value 15 hours of labor?

By breaking down the worth of something in work hours you worth issues in a different way. You understand how onerous you’re employed in your cash and this manner you possibly can higher perceive the expense your making. Is it value spending every week’s of your work-life to get that new outfit? Is that this vacation really well worth the three months of working it took to get the money?

You’ll find that some things not make sense whereas others are an apparent YES.

It’s up to you to determine how much you earn per hour or day and then factor that in each time you make a purchase order.


The ODD time rule

In case you have associates who are never on time, this is the rule for you.

We’ve been testing this in our good friend group on a specific one that was all the time late and by quite a bit, like greater than 30 minutes late. So late that at one level we started lying to him about what time we have been about to hang around and factoring in his 45 minutes of regular tardiness.

Then we came upon about this bizarre rule some individuals use to set conferences.

For those who schedule a meeting for 3:47 as an alternative of four o clock, the probability of people being late to the reference hour drops significantly. And ensure everyone is aware of the meeting will start at three:47. Should you do start to start out your meetings at these odd occasions, individuals pay extra consideration to the precise time they must be there.

Give it a attempt to see what occurs.


The 10,000 hours rule

This one was popularized by considered one of our favorite writers, Malcolm Gladwell. In his guide Outliers, the writer explains that to be able to master something you have to put at the least 10,000-Hour in the direction of it.

The 10,000 hours rule is considered the key to success in any area, it’s simply a matter of training a selected activity that can often be completed with 20 hours of labor every week for 10 years.
It doesn’t matter once you start, or how previous you’re. Put the 10,000 hours into one thing and also you’ll turn out to be an skilled in that subject.

A few of the greatest performers on the planet base their results to this rule. Now take into consideration what your THING is, what you think about your self good at. How a lot time have you ever put in the direction of your craft or talent? Do the maths and then you possibly can work out how rather more you must invest with a purpose to grasp it.


The Stay poor – Be wealthy rule

That is one thing we came up and have used this personally and with our pals circle. Right here’s what we found out:

The extra time an individual is prepared to reside like they’re poor regardless of not having to, the richer they turn into.

Sorry we don’t have a shorter model, however naked with us.

The primary distinction between those who will keep on being wealthy and people who lose wealth is their capacity to regulate their way of life spending.

We’ve seen individuals make some huge cash, blow via most of it and then get again to where they started.

We all know it’s been arduous and you’ve simply began seeing progress with your enterprise or enterprise, however don’t go and blow by way of the money. Don’t purchase an expensive automotive, don’t buy the expensive house. As an alternative, hold your head down, fake the cash shouldn’t be there and invest it.

Putting this cash to work for you may be much more priceless to your way of life than spending it proper now. It’s just like the idea of delayed gratification, however for rich individuals and entrepreneurs.


The Coin Rule

We’ve been utilizing this since earlier than ALUX was even a factor. It’s not what you assume. You don’t determine your destiny by flipping a coin, that’s what stupid individuals do.

As an alternative, you look inside yourself.

Our model of the coin rule goes like this.

If that you must make an essential determination, you’ll flip a coin of it. However the factor is, you don’t really care concerning the consequence. In those few seconds whereas the coin is within the air, your gut tells you what you’re truly wishing for the result to be. Then pursue that.

Why would you let any huge option to probability whenever you already know what you need to do deep inside yourself..

Hopefully you’ve discovered this article priceless and took notes as we recommended. Which rule did you find probably the most fascinating and will use in the future? Let us know in the feedback. You won’t concentrate on this, but we learn a big portion of the feedback that come our approach. We research what you guys assume, what your reactions are to the content material we put out to figure out how we will improve.