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The Breville BOV650XL toaster oven is the 2nd of the three sensible ovens created by Breville. It is a step down from the BOV800XL and a step up from the BOV450XL models.

This may be a step down from the higher finish Breville mannequin however it is still a full featured, high quality made machine that shall be loved by these of you who need to do more than just make toast.

The eight preset cooking features will let you prepare dinner just about anything that can fit contained in the roomy interior. If you would like a toaster oven that lets you take full control of your cooking then read on.

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Dimensions and Look

Exterior Dimensions

Length = 15.5 inches
Width/Depth = 16.25 inches
Peak = 10.25 inches

For those who take a look at the size listed on then you will notice that they differ from what I have listed right here. The size shown right here for the BOV650XL toaster * oven come immediately from Breville’s web site, and since they are the producer I trust their numbers over Amazon’s.

Breville has three toaster ovens – they name them sensible ovens – and this is the center sized mannequin. This is smaller than the BOV800XL model, but it is still fairly giant.

Interior Dimensions

Length = unknown
Peak = unknown
Width = unknown

I have not but been capable of determine the interior dimensions and contacted Breville about this. As quickly as they respond I’ll replace this info.

Meals Capability

Toast Quantity = 4 slices
Bagel Amount = 2 to 4 bagels, depending on bagel measurement
Baking Dish Measurement = 10” x 10”
Pizza Measurement = 12” pizza
Open-Confronted Sandwiches = 1 to 2, relying on bread measurement
Hen Measurement = Entire small hen

Although you could possibly match a whole hen inside, it must be a small hen. If you wish to prepare dinner a larger hen you are able to do so by slicing the hen in half, between the breasts. You’ll be able to place both halves on the baking pan. For those who discover they don’t find aspect by aspect then you might have to prepare dinner just half a hen at a time.

Toast and bagels are toasted completely within the BOV650XL! For those who like them crispy on the surface then you’ll be delighted to know that the insides can be heat and tender, not dried out.


The delivery weight for the Breville BOV650XL is 21 pounds, so the precise weight can be lower than that. I contacted Breville and asked concerning the precise weight and can let you realize what they are saying.

My guess is that this model weighs around 18 pounds. It’s heavy enough that you simply gained’t need to decide it up until you need to.

Exterior Housing Materials

The exterior of the BOV650XL sensible oven * is manufactured from chrome steel. Chrome steel is great at repelling fingerprints and smudges, so it is straightforward to keep the surface physique clear. I personal the BOV800XL and have discovered this to be true. All that you must do is wipe down the surface with a humid material. Cussed filth may have a drop of cleaning soap.

Exterior Colour

All the body is silver coloured, and has a brushed look. This model seems very trendy and glossy.

Twine Length

The twine is a hefty three ft in size, which is much longer than the cords on most different toaster ovens. Until your kitchen is missing in electrical retailers it is best to have the ability to plug this in.

The twine ends in a three pronged grounded plug, and the dimensions of the plug is giant. If your kitchen only has two prong retailers then you will have to have one replaced with a 3 prong grounded outlet. The instruction guide particularly states that you shouldn’t use a plug adapter, nor do you have to minimize off the third prong from the plug.

The plug also has an “Assist Plug” finger ring that makes unplugging the twine protected and straightforward. I’ve appreciated this function each time I’ve unplugged my Breville toaster oven.

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This isn’t a convection toaster oven.

Heating Parts

Explanation of why quartz heating elements are a popular choice

There are 4 quartz parts – two on the top and two on the bottom. Every of the 4 parts is roofed with metallic. They’re coated because heating parts are fragile and may crack or break if bumped. The covers also shield the heating parts from meals that drips down.

This can be a nice security function that may help prolong the lifetime of the elements by defending them. It also helps forestall fires that may occur when food is available in direct contact with the weather. This mannequin may be costly however it’s thoughtful additions like this that make it value the fee.

Arrows point out the heating element shields for the Breville BOV650XL toaster oven

The heating parts are managed by what Breville calls “Element IQ” know-how. I gained’t fake to know the science behind “Element IQ” however I can inform you that they do an exquisite job of toasting, baking, roasting, and reheating. In case you are involved in studying more then you’ll be able to read the article that I wrote about how “Element IQ” parts work.

Rack Positions

There are three rack positions that can be use relying on the kind of cooking being finished:

The door of the Breville BOV650XL includes rack position reminders.
  • Prime rack peak position: BROIL perform
  • Center rack peak position: TOAST, BAGEL, PIZZA and COOKIE features
  • Backside rack peak position: BAKE, ROAST, and REHEAT features

Utilizing the right rack place will guarantee the absolute best results because food might be on the right distance away from the heating parts. Don’t worry about having to recollect which rack to make use of because Breville has you coated. They included a rack position reminder on the glass door which you can discuss with when wanted. This is yet one more thoughtful function that Breville included.

When you wish to prepare dinner with foil then you may be pleased to know that you should use foil in the BOV650XL sensible oven *. Not each toaster oven ought to have foil in it, so that may be a plus with this mannequin. Just ensure that aluminum foil doesn’t touch the interior partitions or heating parts.


There isn’t a rotisserie function on this toaster oven.

Temperature Vary

Low (300° F), Medium (400° F), and High (500° F) for BROIL​

The temperature choices is one area where this toaster oven actually shines. The temperature settings for BAKE, BAGEL, COOKIE, PIZZA, REHEAT, and ROAST might be adjusted in 10° increments, which is unusual for a toaster oven. Most other models can only be adjusted in both 25° or 50° increments, so you might have rather more management over the cooking temperature with this machine.

Just because the cooking temperatures supply full control so does the BROILtemperature. In contrast to most toaster ovens which have a single temperature setting for broiling, this mannequin permits you to select from HIGH (500° F), MEDIUM (400° F), or LOW(300° F). The rationale for these three broiling choices is to allow customers to determine how shortly food browns on prime.

Warming Tray

The Breville BOV650XL toaster oven has a ribbed prime and may safely be used as a warming floor. You possibly can place a ceramic plate on prime for warming, or you should use any of the BOV650XL equipment.

There’s also a bamboo chopping tray (seen under in “Accessories”) that is particularly meant for this toaster oven that you would be able to place on prime. Anything positioned on prime of the bamboo slicing board will stay cool.


1800 is the maximum quantity of watts that could be used in the course of the cooking process, however it might not all the time prepare dinner at this high degree. The “Element IQ” know-how that controls the heating parts will regulate the amount of watts (power) needed based mostly on the cooking perform chosen, and the wattage used may be as little as 1300.

This toaster oven has the power to draw numerous electricity through the cooking cycle and must be the only merchandise plugged into the electrical outlet getting used. Also, your circuit breaker needs to be a minimum of 20 amps to deal with the facility draw of this model.  Anything less and chances are you’ll discover that this toaster oven ends up tripping the circuit breaker during use.

Some electrical retailers are wired to other retailers. You will know if so should you plug just the BOV650XL * into an outlet and find that the lights flicker or the breaker is tripped throughout use. If this occurs, attempt a special outlet.

In case you are not sure if your circuit breaker can deal with the facility of this model you possibly can name an electrician to take a look at your circuit breaker.

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Helpful information about watts and cooking times

LCD DIsplay

There’s a LCD show, though it isn’t as giant because the display on the BOV800XL. The display on the BOV650XL is rather more primary than its older sibling, the BOV800XL.

The LCD display on this mannequin exhibits the selected cooking temperature, toast or bagel slices and darkness setting, or a countdown timer throughout cooking. It also exhibits if you choose the FROZEN FOOD choice on cooking features that use it. The background colour of the display is blue when not in use however options are being chosen, turns to orange during cooking, then returns to blue when cooking is completed.

The background colour is one among my favorite features on my Breville sensible oven. You possibly can see at a glance if the toaster oven is in use or if cooking is completed. The colours make sense, too. Blue represents cool (not in use), whereas orange represents scorching (in use).

Some individuals want that it exhibits the present time when not in use, however it doesn’t. When not in use the LCD display goes darkish about 10 minutes after cooking is completed. Regardless of not displaying the time, the display could be very consumer pleasant, and even youngsters are in a position to make use of it at the side of the buttons.

Sort OF Controls

There are a mixture of dials and buttons on the control panel, which work with the LCD show. Listed here are the controls, ranging from the highest on down:

    • START / CANCEL (button)
    • FUNCTION (dial)
    • TIME / TEMP (darkness / slices) (dial)
    • FROZEN FOOD (button)

The FUNCTION dial is used to choose the type of cooking you’ll do. It is as straightforward as turning the dial to TOAST or REHEAT.

After choosing a cooking perform, use the TIME / TEMP dial to set the cooking time and temperature (seen on the LCD show).

The FROZEN FOOD button is incredibly handy, and must be used when cooking frozen bread, bagels, pizza, or cookie dough. When pressed, the Breville will routinely add a further amount of cooking time to thaw the meals earlier than cooking it. If in case you have questioned why this is referred to as a sensible oven, I’m guessing that right about now you’re beginning to figure it out!

The TEMPERATURE CONVERSION button lets you toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, which is seen on the LCD show. If in case you have a overseas recipe the toaster oven will do the temperature conversion for you with the press of a button! That is yet one more convenient function that Breville added.

Temperature Management Choices

You might be accustomed to different models that have one knob that controls the settings for toast, and one other that sets the temperature for cooking. That isn’t how the Breville BOV650XL * works, and I like what it does a lot better.

Once you need to prepare dinner something, you will select one of many eight preset cooking features, then make adjustments as needed to the cooking time and temperature. The rationale I like this higher is because the oven will routinely regulate the heating parts to offer simply the correct quantity of heat on the top and backside, which leads to completely cooked meals. Models with much less control over cooking do not provide the same outcomes because the three Breville sensible ovens.

Toast Darkness Adjustment

You will have complete management over how dark or mild you like your toast. First you choose TOAST on the COOKING FUNCTION dial. Next you employ the TEMP / TIME (darkness / slice) knob to pick what number of slices of toast are being cooked and the extent of darkness. Toast shade ranges from 1 (lightest) to 7 (darkest).

The Breville BOV650XL toaster oven will keep in mind your final used options. Because of this your personalised toast settings will probably be used the subsequent time you choose the TOAST cooking perform, and can stay there until you either unplug the machine or change them. Sensible, isn’t it?

The above steps are the identical for those who select BAGEL as an alternative of TOAST, and your bagel settings will even be remembered.

Preset Cooking Features

There are eight preset cooking features:

    • BAGEL
    • BAKE
    • BROIL
    • PIZZA
    • REHEAT
    • ROAST
    • TOAST

Every of the eight cooking features is preset with the optimum settings for every perform. Although these are the settings Breville thinks is greatest, you’re free to vary them any approach you need. The machine will keep in mind your settings and use them the subsequent time a custom-made perform is chosen. Your custom-made settings will stay until you either change them or unplug the machine.


The timer might be set anyplace from one minute to two hours. Two hours is extremely generous! Most different toaster ovens have timers that vary from just 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

You need to be capable of prepare dinner absolutely anything you want inside the two hour time limit. Should you want additional time you possibly can add it at any point through the cooking course of. It’s also possible to change the temperature through the cooking course of.

There’s an audible alarm that beeps when the countdown timer reaches zero, however that’s the solely sound you will hear from this timer. There isn’t a ticking sound, so typically heard on different toaster ovens, which is a welcome aid to many who personal this mannequin.

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There are two occasions during use that you’ll hear the alarm on the BOV650XL * toaster oven. The first time is when preheating is completed. Have you ever ever had a toaster oven that didn’t let you already know when preheating is completed? When that occurs it’s a must to make an educated guess and hope that you simply put your food in on the right time. For those who put the meals in too soon it’ll get overcooked. When you put it in too late it is going to be undercooked.

That drawback is eradicated with this model. The preheat alert tells you exactly when it’s time to put meals inside for cooking. This is one other of the benefits Breville added to their line of sensible ovens.

The second time you’ll hear the alarm is when food is completed cooking.

The alarm is ideal to my ears. It’s loud enough to be heard from one other room, but not too loud. That being stated, a number of individuals found it to be too loud and wished they might decrease the quantity, whereas one individual stated he needed the alarm to be louder. The overall consensus felt the same as me, that the quantity and pitch is good for the alarm.

All the time On

There isn’t a “always on” choice for this machine. Provided that the timer goes to two hours it’s unlikely that you’ll want to prepare dinner anything for longer than that. Should you do, simply add further time because the timer counts down.

Personally, I’m glad that there isn’t an “always on” choice. My previous toaster oven had this function and I hated it! A number of occasions both my husband or I assumed we turned it off however turned the toaster oven to “always on” by mistake. It’s scary to comprehend that a toaster oven has been on for an unknown period of time, and I don’t have to worry about this with the Breville sensible oven.

Automated Shutoff

Each cooking perform shuts off mechanically when cooking is completed.

Auto-Eject Rack

In contrast to the BOV800XL, this model doesn’t have the auto-eject rack function. This was a disappointment to some, but is definitely remedied with a toaster oven rack pull device *. There are a number of types to select from, none of that are metallic because of the potential for electrical shock.


In line with Breville, all the elements that are available contact with food in the Breville BOV650XL toaster oven are BPA free.

This is the lowest price for this item that I was able to find.

Crumb Tray

The crumb tray for the Breville BOV650XL sensible oven * could be very straightforward to entry and clear. The tray is situated on the entrance of the machine, beneath the door. You do not want to open the door to remove the tray.

Breville has carried out a superb job with the crumb tray in all three of their sensible ovens. In contrast to most crumb trays which are flat, this one is recessed. The good thing about the recessed tray is that meals collects within the recess and doesn’t get knocked off the tray once you pull it out of the machine for cleansing.

The tray is coated in a nonstick material to make cleansing it straightforward. I have yet to discover a meals that sticks to my crumb tray and may clean it with a fast wipe of a humid material or sponge.

You possibly can wrap the tray with aluminum foil if you need a fair simpler option to maintain it clean. Simply be sure that the foil doesn’t touch the heating component above it. Read what I wrote about how you can safely use aluminum foil in a toaster oven to seek out out why that is necessary.


The door is product of tempered glass. The glass gets scorching during cooking, as is true of any toaster oven, but the deal with is giant enough to stop you from getting burned if you open the door. I’ve owned my BOV800XL for several months now and have never gotten burned while opening or closing the door.

The handle protects you from burns, nevertheless it additionally has one other perform. When the door is open the deal with rests on the counter. When open, the door is completely flat. I’ve seen different toaster ovens where the door stays open at an upward angle, which may lead to unintentional burns as you reach contained in the machine. This isn’t one thing you need to fear about with this model.

Exterior Temperature Throughout Cooking

Just about each toaster oven will get scorching on the surface, however some are hotter than others. The Breville will get scorching, too, however not burning scorching. I often prepare dinner meals at 375° F – 400° F. I’ve touched both exterior aspect walls and the top to see how scorching it gets at these cooking temperatures. It is scorching, however I am able to hold my arms on the outside without discomfort. That being stated, I might hold plastic away from the edges, resembling from bread luggage, to stop melted plastic in your machine.


There are not any handles on the edges of the BOV650XL toaster oven. You don’t want handles to maneuver this as long as you don’t try to move it while it is scorching. There’s loads of room beneath the machine so that you can place your fingers and get a very good grip on it.

In Use Mild

The “in use” mild for the Breville sensible ovens is a bit totally different than on different toaster ovens. The START / CANCEL button has an outer ring round it that glows orange when the toaster oven is in use. The LCD show’s background shade also acts as an “in use” mild by turning orange while cooking.

Interior Mild

There isn’t a interior mild.

What to do if your toaster oven doesn't have an interior light.

Nonstick Interior

The inside has been treated with a nonstick material,which makes preserving the within clear a simple process. I have discovered mine to be very straightforward to wash, regardless of my husband’s greatest efforts to make a multitude when cooking in it!

Beneath Counter Mount

This model can’t be mounted underneath a cabinet.

Wire Rack Stopper

The higher end sensible oven, the BOV800XL, has wire rack stoppers on two of the three rack positions that forestall the rack from being pulled utterly out of the oven. I was stunned to see that Breville didn’t embrace the rack stoppers on this model as a result of I think about them to be an essential security function. By chance pulling a rack all the best way out may end up in burning scorching meals spilling onto the floor and/or your legs and ft. Take care when pulling out the rack from any of its positions.

Included Equipment

    • 10” × 10” enamel baking pan
    • 10” × 10” enamel broil rack

Optionally available Accessories

The Breville sensible oven that I bought (the BOV800XL) came with a nonstick pizza pan and I’ve to admit that I don’t use it. I replaced Breville’s pizza pan with a stainless-steel one. Why? Because I needed to have the ability to safely reduce up my pizza while it was nonetheless on the pan and never worry about scratching up the surface. Chopping a pizza on this pan will spoil it. Simply concentrate on that in case you think about shopping for a pizza pan for this mannequin. Amazon has a number of 12” chrome steel pans, all of which value less than Breville’s nonstick pan.

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Important information about why you should never use a metallic scrubbing pad to clean a toaster oven.

Breville created the following video to point out off the varied features and features of the Breville BOV650XL. It is a good video that exhibits how one can use the control panel. It additionally present a pleasant overview of how every perform works.

Dimensions: Length 15.5” x Peak 10.25” x Depth 16.25”
Weight: Lower than 21 pounds

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The warranty for the Breville BOV650XL * is 1 yr.

Customer Help Expertise

Most people are extraordinarily proud of this toaster oven, and raved about how nicely it labored even after the guarantee expired. However, as so typically happens with any mannequin, there are additionally a couple of individuals who had machines that failed inside the guarantee interval. Breville made good on their warranty and changed defective models.

Breville is a top quality company that stand behind their products. Some individuals discovered that their machines failed just outdoors the one yr guarantee time frame. When that happened they usually contacted Breville and their issues, Breville despatched replacements.

I’ve completed sufficient evaluation analysis on toaster ovens to know that this is not at all the norm. Most other manufacturers would do nothing for problems outdoors the guarantee period. My recommendation to you is to all the time contact the producer when you’ve got a problem together with your machine, even if the guarantee has expired.

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    • High quality – Just about every little thing about this machine screams high quality made
    • Intuitive – This mannequin is very easy to make use of that even youngsters can work the control panel while not having the instruction guide
    • Cooks Evenly and Shortly – The “Element IQ” heating parts do a superb job of heating and cooking
    • Heating Aspect Covers – The covers shield the heating parts from bumps that may crack or break the weather
    • Temperature Conversion – Simply change between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature displays
    • Preheat Audible Alert – There are a collection of beeps that let you know when preheating is completed and you may put food inside to be cooked
    • Assist Plug Finger Ring – This could be just a little factor, however it’s incredibly useful
    • Measurement – The interior is giant enough to prepare dinner a pleasant number of meals

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    • Makes use of a Lot of Power – The facility needed to use this toaster oven may cause circuit breakers to journey in the event that they don’t have at the least 20 amps
    • No Wire Rack Stoppers – The rack might be pulled utterly out of the oven as a result of there’s nothing to cease it from coming out all the best way
    • Measurement – This mannequin may be too giant for some kitchens
    • Worth – The worth may be beyond the budgets of some individuals, however the variety of options essentially causes an increase in worth when in comparison with different fashions

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The worth of the Breville BOV650XL * is admittedly high, however is justified by the standard craftsmanship and variety of included features. Given how properly this model performs I feel the worth is cheap. No less than one individual even stated that she loves her machine so much that she would buy it again regardless of the value.

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Customer Reviews &#zero38; Scores

On the time that I wrote this evaluate there are virtually 600 buyer evaluations for this model on Amazon. Of those critiques, over 460 of them are 4 and 5 star scores. That’s very impressive! It exhibits that individuals are not solely prepared to pay for high quality however are glad with how nicely it performs.

This model has been out there since 2010, so it has been around lengthy enough for individuals to understand how nicely it’s going to perform over time. The large number of constructive scores have held up all through this complete time-frame. The rationale I say that is because individuals have the power to vary their unique scores, and early scores are just as constructive as current ones.

Listed here are probably the most useful on-line sources I used to research the Breville BOV650XL toaster oven. You might find further helpful info by visiting any or all of those sources:

The Breville BOV650XL toaster oven is a wonderful mannequin that will provide you with complete management over your cooking options. I’ve each cause to consider that it is simply as nicely made and features as wonderfully because the BOV800XL that I have.

In case you absolutely should have the power to make use of convection cooking then go together with the BOV800XL. But if you want to avoid wasting money and don’t care about convection cooking, then purchase the BOV650XL. It really is a brilliant oven that’s loaded with premium features and delivers on the promise of quick, even cooking and toasting.

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Disclosure about commissions earned from affiliate links on this page

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