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The Artificial Sun, Dark Frequencies and the Light of Truth

The Artificial Sun, Dark Frequencies and the Light of Truth


Rosanne Lindsay, Contributor
Waking Occasions

In a twin, binary universe, you’d anticipate that there are opposites to every part: night time and day, chilly and scorching, proper and mistaken, truths and lies, black and white.  In the political divide, pink and blue are two sides of the similar soiled coin. These extremes serve an agenda of management to maintain individuals selecting one aspect over one other. Social engineering from the prime retains individuals divided in two halves as an alternative of seeing that we’re multidimensional.

Opposites do not likely exist as black and white, or righteous and unjust. Areas of grey and inexperienced, and yellow are ignored or censored. Chilly and scorching are actually factors on a continuum of temperature. Whenever you place your heat hand on a chilly glass of lemonade, the temperature of every involves an equilibrium.

The Solar

On Earth, night time and day are cut up by the moon and the solar. The solar warms the planet and brings life by way of its plasma electrical power in our electrical universe. It is a vital supply of vitamin D which strengthens the human immune system. The solar, itself, is alive, multidimensional, has consciousness, and connects to the enlargement of human consciousness. Conventional Indian perception says that the departed spirits of enlightened human beings cross first into the mild of the Solar and then to dimensions or realms past; the Solar is a sort of gateway via which human consciousness might transfer after bodily demise. This mild can also be seen in the Bible as Christ consciousness.

  • In the Bible, John 14:6  Jesus stated: “I’m the method, and the fact, and the life. Nobody involves the Father besides via me.“
  • Christ stated, “I am the light of the world. Every eye will see me.”
  • Psalm 48:11: “The lord is a shield and a sun.”
  • John 1:5: “God is light.”
  • Hebrews 12:12: “For our God is a consuming hearth.
  • Luke 17:21: “The Kingdom of God is within you.”
  • St. Patrick (390 AD): “The true Christ is the sun.”

The Bible additionally warns of a false mild. In right now’s world, meaning any synthetic solar.

Artificial Solar and False Light

Made up of 149 lamps to simulate daylight, the Xenon-based mild supply was planted by scientists in the sky in 2017. In an article from

“The $3.8 million array stands 50 feet tall and fills a three-story building in Juelich, Germany. Scientists can focus the 350-kilowatt honeycomb of xenon short-arc lamps on an area as small as 61 square inches and create 10,000 times the solar radiation that would otherwise shine on that spot. And the temperature on that spot? Up to 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Scientists declare the manipulation of radiation is useful whenever you need to check photo voltaic radiation on issues like satellites. Nevertheless, photo voltaic radiation can also be blamed as a trigger of “climate change” by a group that governs photo voltaic radiation administration: a obtrusive contradiction.

The actual query is why add a man-made solar when the actual solar has been the supply of life on the planet? Why add a tiny, pretend solar when the giant solar is magnitudes of levels extra highly effective? Does the coming photo voltaic minimal and weak magnetic area fear meteorologists? The objective?

Management. False mild. The authorities rolls out solar simulators and different applied sciences with out dialogue and individuals are brainwashed into acceptance. Nobody considers that Local weather Change is Local weather Manipulation. Nobody considers if the false solar is there to purposely block the actual solar.

Climate Weaponry

Climate modification has been ongoing for over a century. Newspaper articles present a geo-engineering timeline going again to the 1800s utilizing cloud seeding earlier than aerial spraying. Whereas social engineers create managed opposition by blaming conspiracy theorists for a coverup, there isn’t any authorities cover-up if anybody can discover paperwork disclosing the climate agenda on the web.

The United States Air Drive produced a revealing doc in 1995 entitled: “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather.” Nobody “owns” the climate. Authorities is complicit in spraying populations for experimentation. Nanochips and Sensible Mud are the new technological means for the development of the human microchipping agenda. It’s governmental management with implied consent that harms the planet and all life.

Politicians are put there to provide you the concept that you’ve freedom of selection. You don’t. You haven’t any selection. You’ve gotten house owners. They personal you… The desk is tilted, people, the recreation is rigged. And no one appears to note. No one appears to care. –George Carlin, humanitarian, comic

Toxicity is a driving drive of sickness on Earth and her inhabitants. Over the centuries and the final decade, regardless of authorities laws to chop poisonous emissions, exposures have solely elevated.

Power Warfare 

Power warfare towards people, crops, and Earth is available in many varieties. Climate weaponry not solely comes by means of geoengineering, additionally it is the manipulation of the ionosphere utilizing electromagnetic fields from cell tower arrays or bigger arrays, generally known as HAARP. There are additionally  dozens of turbines over the planet, each in deserts and in oceans, that generate “smog” the place no cities are situated.

The Excessive Frequency Lively Auroral Analysis Program (HAARP) is a three.6 million watt antenna array operated by the US army in Gakona, Alaska. Since the Restricted Check Ban Treaty over 50 years in the past, extraordinarily high-powered radars have been heating rocket exhaust plumes and barium clouds to measure and alter our area setting.  Jim Lee, Climateviewercom 

The metallic “smog”generated is radiation. The radiation is charged by synthetic frequencies to create an ionosphere which could be manipulated to create tornadoes, storms, hurricanes, and tsunamis, in addition to to dam the actual solar.

Comparable warfare is being waged towards our our bodies via the millimeter waves of TSA airport physique scanners that alter DNA and beneath the federally-approved syringe referred to as a vaccine. Once we add metals and chemical compounds to the physique and ionize these metals utilizing the frequencies of cellular phone tower arrays, and now the synthetic solar, a possible recipe for catastrophe is created.

The similar assault on the human physique is used towards crops. As an alternative of genetically modifying seeds in a lab, fleets of genetically modified bugs are despatched into crops the place the genetically modified bugs would do their work “infecting” the crops with a particular virus that passes alongside the new genes beneath a program funded by the U.S. Protection Superior Analysis Tasks Company, or DARPA.

Energetic warfare is darkish power that impacts many enzymes necessary to cleansing. Cell-to-cell communication is disrupted. Mobile power, at the degree of our mitochondria is destroyed. Our connection to greater consciousness is reduce off. An ideal storm leads to persistent illnesses of physique, thoughts, and spirit.  Anger and anti-social conduct is elevated. That is proof of mind-control. The phrase govern-ment interprets to mind-control. Do you’ve ideas that aren’t your personal?

Transcending Dark Power

The best way to transcend two sides of a unclean coin? Go straight down the center, to the mild of the coronary heart. Know that you’re free. Solely in the thoughts are you captive.

A world of duality signifies that for each adverse power supply there’s a constructive power supply. The one you possibly can belief?  Your personal! We’re each mild and darkish! We’re mild and power, life power, which suggests we’re half of the answer as a result of we’re half of consciousness that’s all the time co-creating our expertise. We’re scalar wave vortices that may negatively ionize to disrupt the constructive poisonous power.

How can we transcend duality?

1. Activate Orgone Power

Orgone is a free power answer. It’s the solar that exists in everybody. It may be used to neutralize the synthetic environment by negatively ionizing the constructive ionization. Orgone is a software to distrupt the synthetic clouds destroying the planet and our well being and take the energy of well being again into our personal arms. Orgone power rips aside Chemtrails from the floor.

Of the many individuals who concentrate on the doom-and-gloom situations, few discuss options. Sharon Daphna avoids the fear-based propaganda to empower individuals. She is outspoken on the energy of orgongite based mostly on the work of Wilhelm Reich and his Orgone Accumulator to deflect and transmute dangerous energies, and enhance the stream of life pressure power. Sharon makes, sells, and presents orgone units to individuals and the planet. Each bit incorporates the inorganic and natural supplies of Reich’s know-how which embrace quartz crystals (to floor power), metallic shavings, copper coil, and a polyester resin.

Orgonite is the reply to energetic assaults because it creates a scalar wave vortex. And anybody could make these units. They are often positioned beneath cellphone towers, on sensible meters, close to your mattress, as pendants in your animals, and subsequent to your computer systems. An Obilisk is a tool not made with resin that’s photo voltaic activated.

2. Shut off Wi-Fi

In case you select to take care of Wi-fi in your house, shut it off at night time when you sleep to permit your physique to regenerate. As an alternative, run an Ethernet cable utilizing a TP Hyperlink modem. Choose-out of Sensible meters. The sensible grid is a management mechanism towards humanity.

three. Return to incandescent mild bulbs. Take away all the new-fangled “energy saving” lightbulbs that pressure you to decide on between LEDs, that include mercury, and Compact Florescent Lamp (CFL) bulbs.

four. Don’t interact in fight together with your fellow man and lady. Stand down and work from the coronary heart. Know the distinction between propaganda and the mild of fact, which is love. We will not depend upon authorities officers to guard anybody. Officers have lied to People about our historical past, together with the topic of the moon touchdown. Did American astronauts truly land on the moon?

Artificial Moon

Now China plans to launch a man-made moon into area. China claims their moon to be eight occasions brighter than the mild of the silvery moon. Is there a warfare in the heavens as on Earth? As Above So Under? Is there a celestial theme? Is the pretend moon a canopy for an additional phantasm?

Many in the area program  declare we can’t fly to the moon or depart Earth’s orbit until we construct techniques that may stand up to the radiation of the Van Allen belts. They’re speaking about the similar moon that President Nixon referred to as in 1969 after the recorded lunar touchdown.

Didn’t astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael’Collins journey safely by means of the Van Allen belts with none safety apart from a skinny defend of aluminum from Apollo 11’s Eagle and the materials of their area fits? In line with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, they by no means landed on the moon in the first place. That is corroborated by astronaut Don Petit in an interview the place he states, “We don’t have the technology to do that anymore.” By his feedback, does he not mock all People.

Science and science fiction are primarily the similar. – William Shatner

To help this concept, in 2015, NASA started testing a habitation module related to a long-haul crew capsule in cislunar area for area journey in the 2020s. Cislunar means located between the Earth and the Moon. If we’ve already landed on the moon, why not simply construct a base there?  Is it as a result of we not been to the moon and we can’t land there?

The cause the moon can be off-limits is as a result of it isn’t what it appears to be. One concept helps a moon that may be a hollowed out planetoid introduced right here by one other race way back, or a satellite tv for pc with a hole hull. One other concept is that the moon is holographic.  Is the “man on the moon” greater than an overactive creativeness? Might the moon be inhabited by one other race extra superior than people? Might these inhabitants select to not obtain guests? If that is true, then one other story, the story of Blue Kachina in the Guide of the Hopi, can also be true. The prophesy says, ‘the rotation of the Earth has been manipulated by not so benevolent Star beings.

Is the moon, which controls the tides, the purpose for the ocean receding in elements of Florida, the Bahamas, Brazil, and Ecuador? Like the false solar, and the pretend China moon, does our moon produce its personal mild supply? If the moon is synthetic and manipulating the tides, what else is it manipulating?  Is the “light at the end of the tunnel” seen by dying individuals coming from the moon? Simply what number of pretend celestial our bodies are floating in area? What’s actual and what is just not?

Embody the Light of Truth

The place does the controversy and division finish?  With you!  Earth is a studying matrix. Every of us is a beacon of mild, everlasting, half of the Creator of All. We solely have to embody it. If the illusions of our world do something, they supply a gap to concentrate on what’s actual.

The life lesson that comes with this life expertise is that there isn’t any starting and no finish. We’re everlasting mild beings. Light is info. The human physique is a assemble and an idea for soul progress. There isn’t any have to worry something in the sky or on Earth. Concentrate and see the ruse of The Nice Divide. Like the false solar and the true solar, fact and deception are present in every little thing written as a result of language is manipulated.

When unusual area applied sciences are unleashed in the skies, comply with the mild of your fact, which comes by way of the middle of your being; the mild of your coronary heart. When Christ stated, “No one comes to the Father except through me,” was it not an encrypted message that we should always head to the solar, also referred to as the mild that’s inside every of us? Was he giving a clue on how one can bypass the start and dying cycle to free the soul?

Creating the Nice Divide in humanity is the Transhumanist Agenda. All the time query the narrative and ask why a knock-off is ever required.  Keep away from the false mild wherever you discover it and embody the mild of fact inside you.

About the Writer

Rosanne Lindsay is a Naturopathic physician and Tribal healer underneath the Turtle Island Supplier Community. She is a author, Earth keeper, Well being Freedom advocate, co-founder of Wisconsin For Vaccine Selection, and writer of the books The Nature of Therapeutic, Heal the Physique, Heal the Planet.and  Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Illness Naturally. Discover her on Fb at Rosanne Lindsay and Natureofhealing. Seek the advice of together with her (Skype or Zoom consults out there) at Subscribe to her weblog at

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