Four Features of Article Writing for SEO

Article writing is one of the most important strategies in search engine optimization. New webmasters often consider it a difficult job to write SEO articles with affordable seo services. However, the fact is that it is not as difficult as it appears. If you follow a few guidelines, it can in fact turn into fun.

Here are 4 essentials to writing useful and rich content for your SEO campaign.

1. Choice of Keyword Keywords are the words typed by your prospects and customers on search engines when they are searching for your products or services. Before you start writing SEO articles or outsource the task, it is required to choose appropriate keywords relevant to your business. The choice of the keyword would depend on your targeted niche. It is preferred to use keywords with proposed demand of 1.000 a month. This is going to help in getting higher page ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

2. Proper Use of Keyword When the keyword is used in the title and the subheadings, it would be required to sprinkle it throughout the content. This is required or the search engines, but at the same time take care that the density of keywords is not high enough for the human readers to notice. Proper use of keywords is a signal to search engines that the article is focused on one or more specific keywords. An essential to SEO, this is going to inform search engines what the page is about. As a standard, make sure that the keyword appears in both the first and last paragraphs. It must also be scattered evenly through the remaining content. Because Google has become stricter with keyword density, keep it to a healthy level.

3. Title Create an attention-grabbing title that includes the keyword. When a keyword is used in a title or content, make sure that it is placed in the right content and sounds natural. It is important that the title is grammatically correct, sounds natural and appeals to human readers. Think about phrasing what your prospects are likely to type in search engines and create the title based on that. For example, most people would type “how to do abc” therefore, a title that goes “how to” is going to be extremely helpful. A large percentage of your prospects are trying to ask questions on search engines. Therefore, it would be a good strategy to form titles that are nothing else but questions. At the same time, it is extremely important that the article content deliver what is promised by the title. Failing to comply could make search engines to penalize you one or the other way.

4. Useful Article Make sure that your articles are useful to your target audience. If the content is not useful to your prospects and customers, there is no point in writing them. There is no denying about the importance of keyword placement for SEO, but with Google becoming stricter, it is not possible to overlook the human element. The more educational the articles are, the better their overall effects would be. The eventual factor that makes an article valuable from the perspective of both Google and your prospects is how helpful the content is. The old strategy of loading articles with keywords is no longer viable in SEO.

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