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4 Signs We Live in a Profoundly Sick Society

4 Signs We Live in a Profoundly Sick Society


Gary Z McGee, Employees Author
Waking Occasions

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

What makes our society so sick? How do we all know for positive that our society is unhealthy? Is there a method to cause our method into a clear rationalization for why our society is unfit for wholesome human beings trying to evolve in a more healthy approach?

It actually comes right down to answering one essential query: Do you need to reside, or do you need to die? As Albert Camus famously said, “There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide. Judging whether life is or is not worth living amounts to answering the fundamental question of philosophy.” It appears excessive, however in order to get right down to the crux of the difficulty, we have to ask excessive questions.

In case your reply is ‘life,’ then it stands to cause that you really want that life to be as wholesome as potential. In case your reply is suicide, then clearly all different questions of survival are irrelevant, and also you fall beneath the null speculation.

Let’s assume that your reply is ‘life.’ What’s the subsequent logical query? It stands to purpose that each one subsequent questions can be: What do I have to do in order to proceed my survival? The primary reply to that query have to be: I have to breathe clear air. After that? I have to drink clear water. Then, I have to eat wholesome meals. After which, I want to seek out wholesome human relations. So on, and so forth.

This provides us a four-fold basis to start to see why the system is so unhealthy, whereas probably shedding some mild on how we will heal our profoundly sick society. Let’s break it down…

1. Our Society Pollutes the Air

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” ~Aldo Leopold

So, you need to reside? Properly you’ve acquired to breathe air. And if you wish to stay wholesome, it’s essential to breathe clear air. The primary elementary purpose how we all know we stay in a profoundly sick society is when it turns into evident that our society is instantly affecting the standard of the air in a damaging and unhealthy means.

Overlook the continued debate about local weather change and international warming. Some individuals’s cognitive dissonance is so highly effective that no quantity of arguing will persuade them. It is going to solely solidify their hardheaded stance.

Focus as an alternative on the actual drawback; one thing we will all agree on: air pollution. There isn’t any denying that our society’s extreme use of fossil fuels is a harmful air pollutant. Simply take a look at the horizon in virtually each single main metropolis on the planet. If it’s harming the air high quality there, then it’s harming the air high quality in all places. The planet is an interconnected system. Every little thing is related to every part else. Particularly on the subject of the stream of air.

It’s easy: when our waste output exceeds the planet’s potential to soak up it in a wholesome approach –that’s to say, in a method that preserves the integrity, stability, and great thing about the biotic group– then we all know, with out a doubt, that it’s unhealthy and that we should reduce. In any other case, our well being and the planet’s well being, is compromised.

A society that continues to output extra waste into the air than the environment can take up in a wholesome approach is a profoundly sick society.

2. Our Society Pollutes the Water

“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.” ~Jacques Yves Cousteau

So, you’ve determined you need to stay and also you’ve taken care of respiration air. The subsequent step, in case you want to proceed your survival, is to seek out clear water. That is no straightforward process in a sick society.

As predicted, the Keystone Pipeline has leaked. Twice! As soon as on Might 4, 2017 (84,000 gallons of oil) and on November 16, 2017 (210,000 gallons). Then there was the Iowa Pipeline (140,000 gallons) on January 31, 2017, the Rover Pipeline in Ohio on Might 10, 2017, and the Texas Pipeline (over 50,000 gallons of crude oil) on July 13, 2017. Then there was the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (400,000 gallons of oil). And these have been simply a few of the bigger spills in 2017 alone.

The actual conflict being fought on this planet is between water protectors (wholesome individuals) and oil mongers (unhealthy individuals). Water represents life, and oil represents entropy. However, it’s not fairly so easy. There’s a sort of yin-yang dynamic happening right here. The white dot on the oil aspect of the yin-yang represents power and progress. The black dot on the water aspect of the yin-yang represents air pollution. We use oil for power to propel our civilizations progressively ahead however at a nice value –rampant, toxic air pollution.

The issue is that the black dot on the water aspect is getting uncontrolled, resulting in environmental collapse at greatest and ecocide at worst. If we’re not cautious, the yin-yang of our world goes to be a black mass of oily entropy spinning by means of area –a burnt-out husk of a planet. One thing’s received to provide.

Oil has been an industrious boon for our species. Little question. It helped us obtain many technological marvels. However we have been naïve to its pollutant energy. At this level, the air pollution is so dangerous that it supersedes the achieve. Burning oil, coal, and fuel is just too poisonous for us and our surroundings. We can’t, in good conscience, proceed to burn via this now outdated mode of power use. If we might be a wholesome society, we should change to photo voltaic, wind, electrical, tide, and particularly hemp, or we’ll burn ourselves out.

A society that continues to make use of outdated energy-producing strategies which can’t be absorbed by their surroundings in a wholesome means, is a profoundly sick society.

three. Our Society Pollutes Our Meals

“I screamed at god for the starving child, until I realized that God was the child screaming at me.” ~Unknown

So, you continue to need to reside, and also you’ve managed to breathe air and drink water. The subsequent step is to eat clear and wholesome meals. Once more, that is no straightforward process in a sick society.

From Agent Orange to Roundup, from Nestle to Monsanto, from DDT to GMO, from Fukushima to overfished waters, from hoarding to pointless hunger, and all the things in between, the vary of the way our society has managed to destroy our meals provide is laughable.

Have you learnt why so many fish merchandise are mislabeled? As a result of firms don’t have the center to inform you that the fish you want are virtually gone. Sure, 70%of the world’s fisheries are both utterly exploited, overexploited or collapsed as a results of overfishing and hotter waters. This could come as a wake-up name of the very best order.

Once more, human air pollution is the most important a part of the issue. Particularly plastic air pollution. However one other massive a part of the issue is how we farm, how we distribute (or lack thereof), and the way we waste our meals. The utter failure of our distribution system undermines the well being of our species. It prevents individuals from thriving as a result of they’re expending all their very important power on merely surviving.

On one finish of the spectrum, we have now rich individuals hoarding and/or losing sufficient meals to feed a whole third-world nation; on the opposite finish, we’ve the poor pinching pennies to eat the unhealthiest (however least expensive) “food” ever created: quick meals.

One option to repair at the very least a part of this daunting drawback is thru polyculture farming. The place monoculture is about business, polyculture is about variety. Monoculture suffers from a lack of biodiversity and vitamins in soil. Polyculture thrives with biodiversity and replenishes soil. Monoculture requires pesticides. Polyculture is a perform of organic pest management. Monoculture is unnatural. Polyculture is pure. Monoculture results in illness and famine. Polyculture results in abundance and permaculture. Monoculture is about cash over individuals. Polyculture is about individuals and wholesome meals over cash.

A society that continues to pollute, mismanage, hoard, poison, and poorly distribute its personal meals provide is a profoundly sick society.

4. Our Society Creates Unhealthy People

“The system cannot be fixed by the system.” ~Tom Morello

So, you’ve managed to breathe air, drink water, and eat meals. However is it wholesome? The query ‘do we live in a profoundly sick society’ comes right down to this crucial query: is the air, the water, and the meals we’re consuming wholesome? If not, is it due to one thing our society is doing to the air, the water, and the meals that’s inflicting it to be unhealthy? In that case, what are you, as a member of society, going to do about it?

Are you simply going to disregard it and hope it really works itself out? Are you going to attend for know-how to bail us out by some means? Are you ready for a hero to save lots of the day?

The primary cause we stay in a profoundly sick society is as a result of most individuals do nothing concerning the unhealthy system that props it up. As a outcome, we reside in a sick society that creates unhealthy people which creates extra unhealthy people. The unhealthy cycle will proceed to repeat itself till healthy-minded people rise-up to vary it. That is an arduously Herculean activity, however no activity is extra necessary. The very well being, certainly the very evolution, of our species is at stake.

When it comes right down to it, a society that breathes soiled air, drinks polluted water, eats poisoned meals after which continues to do all of the issues that trigger soiled air, polluted water and poisoned meals is a profoundly sick society.

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Concerning the Writer

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned thinker, is the writer of Birthday Go well with of God and The Wanting Glass Man. His works are impressed by the good philosophers of the ages and his conscious view of the fashionable world.

This text (4 Signs We Live in a Profoundly Sick Society) was initially created and revealed by Waking Occasions and is revealed right here underneath a Artistic Commons license with attribution to Anna Hunt and It might be re-posted freely with correct attribution, writer bio, and this copyright assertion.

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